Better In Bed? Meek Mill Ready To Steal Kylie Jenner Away From Tyga

It's widely rumored that Meek Mill has been flirting with Kylie Jenner, after the Philadelphia rapper liked every sexy photo of the reality TV star on her Instagram page. Following his split from Nicki Minaj last year, Meek is ready to move on with Kylie as he reportedly wants to steal her away from Tyga.

"Tyga, 27, is dreaming if he thinks he's good enough for Kylie Jenner, 19," a source close to the "All Eyes on You" hitmaker tells, before adding that Meek thinks Kylie can do better with him. "That girl needs a man who can satisfy her mentally, emotionally and sexually," the source continues, adding that Meek believes he's the one for the job.

Citing the source, the webloid claims that Meek isn't afraid to go after the 19-year-old makeup maven. The rapper's pursuit of Kylie may be working as she's allegedly flattered by his attention. "Kylie has total butterflies over Meek," a source previously said. "She thinks he's super sexy, super legit and she loves that he's 6'2 and 29."

Meanwhile, Nicki's seemingly unfazed by Meek's flirtatious ways. The Young Money queen allegedly thinks Kylie will have to "babysit" him if they ever dated. "Nicki doesn't care who Meek dates or what he does because she's done with him!" a source tells the webloid. "But good luck to Kylie: she'll need it and even more money than what she already spends on Tyga to take care of Meek too."

The source goes on saying that Nicki gave everything to her ex-boyfriend when they're still an item. "She was the life, the very heartbeat of that relationship. She made all the bread in that relationship," the source continues, before adding that the "Anaconda" femcee "regretted treating him like a king" after they broke up. Citing the source, the webloid claims that Nicki doesn't care if Kylie wants to "babysit Meek and entertain him and his childish and immature petty ways."


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