Comey Confirms FBI Probe Into Trump Russia Collusion


Admiral Mike Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency (DIRSNA), recently held a teleconference for his employees in which he indicated that the NSA has signals intelligence (SIGINT) showing collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and agents of Kremlin influence.

The report comes from former NSA spook and counterintelligence specialist Dr. John Schindler, who spoke to several senior NSA officials that witnessed the town hall-style teleconference and spoke with him about it on condition of anonymity.

According to other recent reporting, Trump attempted to enlist DIRNSA Rogers, as well as Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, to push back against FBI Director James Comey when he confirmed the existence of a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

Schindler says it’s not hard to see why Trump would do that. “As the nation’s signals intelligence force, NSA isn’t just the biggest source of intelligence on earth — it’s also the agency possessing the bulk of the classified information which establishes collusion between Trump and the Russians,” he says. “Although whispers of such SIGINT have reached the media, the lion’s share remains hidden from public view, though it’s all known to the FBI.”

As Schindler related in >The Observer yesterday,

In his town hall talk, Rogers reportedly admitted that President Trump asked him to discredit the FBI and James Comey, which the admiral flatly refused to do. As Rogers explained, he informed the commander in chief, “I know you won’t like it, but I have to tell what I have seen” — a probable reference to specific intelligence establishing collusion between the Kremlin and Team Trump.

Rogers then added that such SIGINT exists, and it is damning. He stated, “There is no question that we [meaning NSA] have evidence of election involvement and questionable contacts with the Russians.” Although Rogers did not cite the specific intelligence he was referring to, agency officials with direct knowledge have informed me that DIRNSA was obviously referring to a series of SIGINT reports from 2016 based on intercepts of communications between known Russian intelligence officials and key members of Trump’s campaign, in which they discussed methods of damaging Hillary Clinton.

Rogers appeared before the House Armed Services Committee this Tuesday, but was not asked a single question about Donald Trump’s lobbying efforts or the Trump-Russia investigation.

Clearly, Adm. Rogers ought to appear before congress again as soon as possible, Schindler says. “It’s evident that DIRNSA has something important to say.”

Although he is controversial in some circles, virtually all of Schindler’s past reporting on the Trump-Russia scandals has been corroborated by later reporting. On the alt-left, Schindler’s critics mostly take offense to his characterizations of alleged whistleblower Edward Snowden as a traitor and Kremlin stooge; on the alt-right, they object to his attacks on the Trump administration.

His new article coincides with further reporting on the FBI’s probe into Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, who owns The Observer.

Unnamed US officials told CNN yesterday that Kushner’s oversight of the campaign data operation, his contacts with agents of Russian influence during the transition, and his relationship with disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn since the start of the administration have made him a person of interest.

Then in the evening, we learned that Kushner tried to set up secret backchannels of communication with the Kremlin and failed to disclose phone calls with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the campaign.

It would be very interesting to see what the NSA might have regarding those matters.

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