"What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!" -- Pope Leo X (As attributed by John Bale, Bishop of Ossory, in The Pageant of Popes, p. 179, 1574)

"I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet they lay their hands on everything they can get." -- Napoleon Bonaparte

"Young earth creationism is essentially the position that all of modern science, 90% of living scientists and 98% of living biologists, all major university biology departments, every major science journal, the American Academy of Sciences, and every major science organization in the world, are all wrong regarding the origins and development of life ... but one particular tribe of uneducated, bronze aged, goat herders got it exactly right." -- Chuck Easttom

"You know your god is man-made when he hates all the same people you do. " -- [Usenet]

"The most preposterous notion that H. sapiens has ever dreamed up is that the Lord God of Creation, Shaper and Ruler of all the Universes, wants the saccharine adoration of His creatures, can be swayed by their prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery. Yet this absurd fantasy, without a shred of evidence to bolster it, pays all the expenses of the oldest, largest, and least productive industry in all history." -Lazarus Long, Time Enough for Love, Robert A. Heinlein

"The same people that wrote the bible thought the world was flat. " -- Unknown

"When one person suffers from a delusion it is called 'insanity'. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called 'religion.'" -- Robert Pirsig

"Here is the difference between religion and science. Science is going outside your house at night and seeing here is one large moon orbiting the Earth. No matter where on Earth you are, you know there is one and only one large moon orbiting the Earth. Religion is this tribe over here worshiping one god and this other tribe worshiping 3 gods and this other tribe way over there worshiping 17 gods." -- Michael Rivero

"One man's magic is another man's engineering. Supernatural is a null word." -- Robert A. Heinlein

"We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes. " -- Gene Roddenberry

"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich." -- Napoleon

"The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr. " -- Prophet Muhammad

"Men are not punished for their sins, but by them." -- Elbert G Hubbard

"If god created us in his image we have certainly returned the compliment." -- Voltaire

"Science with religion is lame ; religion without science is blind. Science without religion is useful, religion with science is useless." -- Albert Einstein

"Religion is for people who want to pretend to know what is going on but are too lazy to go out and actually find out anything because it is easier to burn the heretics." -- Michael Rivero

"Any god that requires small minded bigots to speak for it, is not worth the breath it takes to pray." -- Jesper Myrfors

"Religion is notorious for conceiving an idea and trying to make it true, either by propaganda or sometimes force...while science makes a discovery and immediately sets about trying to disprove it, just to make sure it's correct before everybody makes idiots of themselves" -- Seth MacFarlane

"History shows that the moral and ethical guides that most of us live by did not originate with the monotheistic religions, as proponents of those religions would have us believe. Instead, moral behaviour appears to have evolved socially." -- Victor Stenger

"Beliefs murder reason." -- Game of Thrones

"If it wasn't for the Inquisition, I would have been a rich Hollywood Jew today!" -- Michael Rivero

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