Fans React As Kim Kardashian Reveals Harrowing Details Of Paris Robbery

DUBAI: In the latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that aired Sunday, Kim Kardashian shared details of the moment she believed she was going to be sexually assaulted during the Paris robbery that made headlines in October of last year.

Emotional fans took to Twitter after the episode aired to show support for Kardashian who described in detail what happened during the incident when thieves made off with an estimated $10 million worth of jewels and left the reality star bound and gagged in a bathroom.

Speaking directly to the camera, she explained that her mouth was duct taped and she had a gun held to her head.

“He grabs my legs, and I wasn’t, you know, I had no clothes on under. He pulled me toward him at the front of the bed and I thought, ‘Okay, this is the moment they’re going to rape me’.”

She continued: “I fully mentally prepped myself — and then he didn’t. He duct-taped my legs together and had the gun up to me. I knew that was the moment they’re just totally going to shoot me in the head.

“I just prayed that Kourtney’s [Kim Kardashian’s sister] going to have a normal life after she sees my dead body on the, I’m not going to make it out of here. I know how these things go.”

Fans took to social media to show support with the hashtag #HereForKim.

One user commented: “You are one of the strongest and bravest people I know of! We will always be here to support you #HereForKim!”

Meanwhile, others claimed to have newfound respect for the star.

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