How Kylie Jenner Became The Savviest Kardashian

At the end of the day, 21 Savage and Tyga have a lot in common—they’ve both been gifted cars by someone more talented and famous than they are, and they’re both in love with Kylie Jenner. And can you really blame them? In addition to predicting the general vibe of 2016, Jenner has also made this year her bitch. At 19 years old, she owns three houses, is the seventh most-followed person on Instagram, and has started a makeup empire. She also has the Kardashian gift for converting criticism and public shaming into piles of cold hard cash. Kim famously did this way back in 2007, riding a sex tape all the way to a full blown career. When social media savages mocked Kylie’s lip injections with the “Kylie Jenner lip challenge,” Jenner didn’t go on the defensive—or, god forbid, minimize her pout. Instead, she profited from her most polarizing feature with a line of wildly popular lip kits. It might just be drugstore lip liner at luxury brand prices, but the marketing was on point. Numerous magazine covers and photoshoots later, Jenner still has plenty to look forward to in 2016. She’s debuting a California pop-up shop on Dec. 9, with promises of brand new, exclusive Kylie Jenner merchandise. All in all, Kris’s youngest daughter is attacking life with the enthusiasm of someone who knows she’ll be suffocated to death by her own waist trainer before she turns 30.

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