Jennifer Lawrence’s Friends ‘Can’t Stand’ Her New Boyfriend!

Jennifer Lawrence’s best friends have a Winter’s Bone to pick with her snotty boyfriend, 

Darren Aronofsky, a source tells Radar.

“Jen might be under Darren’s spell, but her girlfriends can’t stand him,” snipes the insider.

“Darren has no interest in meeting any of Jen’s pals, and he doesn’t even try to hide it!

It’s like he thinks they’re beneath him.”

Not only has he made enemies of Jen’s childhood pals, but the director, 48, has also turned the actress, 26,

against Amy Schumer, whom he considers “lowbrow” and “bad” for her image, scoffs the source.

“Jen’s friends want nothing more than to see her happy, but since she and Darren started dating,

she’s stopped making time for them altogether,” says the insider.

“They miss their best friend — and they want her back.”

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Friends ‘Can’t Stand’ Her New Boyfriend!
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