Jennifer Lawrence Rips Out Her Own Heart In Mother! Movie Poster

This Mother's Day, decided to gift the world something very, um, personal: her own bloody heart, freshly removed from her still-gaping chest cavity. Jennifer, you shouldn't have!

OK, so the actress's cardiovascular surprise is taking place only on the poster for her latest movie Mother! but nonetheless, the scene is relatively disturbing. The film's director, Darren Aronofsky of Black Swan fame, released the first look at the film on Twitter Sunday, just in time for Mother's Day.

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The poster is by artist James Jean, who's known for creating for fashion houses such as and Phillip Lim. It features an oil painting of a dazed-looking Lawrence clad in a white dress, standing in a garden, and bringing new meaning to the phrase "wearing one's heart on one's sleeve" by holding her own gory vital organ like she's offering you the world's most horrific birthday present. Aronofsky wrote along with the haunting image, "HAPPY mother! DAY #firstlook #mothermovie by the great @JamesJeanArt #jenniferlawrence #javierbardem @ParamountPics."

According to , the film is a psychological thriller (in case it wasn't obvious from the aforementioned poster), and follows a couple who gets some unexpected visitors. It's probably safe to assume that Lawrence is one half of that couple while Javier Bardem, the other actor listed on the poster, completes the pair. , Ed Harris, Kristen Wiig, Domhnall Gleeson, and Brian Gleeson also star in the upcoming movie. Hopefully, this all-star assemblage can team up to help Lawrence keep all her internal organs where nature intended.

Mother! is set to hit theaters (and turn stomachs?) on October 13, just in time for another appropriate holiday — Halloween. Eat your heart out, indeed.

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Jennifer Lawrence Rips Out Her Own Heart in Mother! Movie Poster
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