Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out About Corrupt Government

>Jennifer Lawrence

is taking a stand against a government that she believes is being run by people with too much power and money, and no interest in the well-being of its people.

The 26-year-old Passengers actress took to Facebook on Thursday (April 20) to share a video in which a mother opens up about her 10-month-old daughter receiving open-heart surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla.

The mother was reportedly told that the surgery was necessary and that it would be “a walk in the park.” However, her daughter sadly died due to surgery complications.

It was revealed that the hospital has financial incentives for performing certain types of surgeries – like open-heart surgery on children – so they push for the operations despite being told by experts that the surgeries are not in the best interest of the patients.

“I just watched this video from Represent.Us,”

Jennifer wrote. “It’s incredible and horrifying. And it got me thinking: corruption affects all of us, but so many people don’t recognize it. We need to tell each other our stories. We need to show that everyone – our neighbors, our families, our community leaders – everyone we know is touched by corruption. I want to hear your story. How does corruption affect you? #WeDemandBetter Represent.Us/WDB.”

Watch the video below.

Represent.Us – Real Cost of Corrupt Government

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Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out About Corrupt Government
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