Jennifer Lawrence Has The Best Response To Being Shamed For Her Night Out

It’s bad enough being caught on camera on a night out and have everyone you know see it, but it’s no doubt a million times worse when you’re a celebrity.

Poor Jennifer Lawrence has been caught on camera on a night out celebrating a friend’s birthday. Things had got a bit wild and she was filmed dancing on a pole in a strip club – and the whole thing has been put online.

To us it just sounds like a fun night out, but it was published on Radar Online as ‘bombshell exclusive’ of ‘America’s sweetheart cutting loose.’ She was also described as taking her top off.

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Naturally, J-Law responded in the only way she knows how: candidly. The >Hunger Games actress took to her Facebook page to set the record straight and let everyone know that she’s not going to apologise for having fun – because, why should she?

‘Look, nobody wants to be reminded that they tried to dance on a stripper pole by the internet. It was one of my best friend’s birthdays and I dropped my paranoia guard for one second to have fun. I’m not going to apologise, I had a BLAST that night.’

As for the rumours that she took her top off?

‘Ps that’s not a bra it’s an Alexander Wang top and I’m not gonna lie, I think my dancing’s pretty good. Even with no core strength.’

We applaud Jennifer for her response and for shaking the whole incident off – frankly, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Keep doing you, J-Law.

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