Jennifer Lawrence: I Was Bullied During School


Jennifer Lawrence Was Bullied At School, Oscar Winner Talks Fame, Acting And Dealing With Mean Girls As A Kid




[Photo: Reuters] Jennifer Lawrence[Photo: Reuters] Jennifer Lawrence

Who knew everyone's favorite badass Jennifer Lawrence was bullied as a kid?

The Oscar winner open up to UK's The Sun about the mean girls who caused her to switch many schools during her childhood. 

"I changed schools a lot when I was in elementary school because some girls were mean," the 'Silver Linings Playbook' star tells The Sun. "They were less mean in middle school, because I was doing all right, although this one girl gave me invitations to hand out to her birthday party that I wasn't invited to." 

So how did the 'Hunger Games' actress defend herself as a youngster?

"But that was fine, I just hocked a loogie on them and threw them in the trash can." 

There's the smart mouthed Jennifer everyone's come to know and love!

It's hard to believe Lawrence and her adventure spirit could be crushed by petty grade school drama, which is why the actress assures us that the bullying hasn't brought her down but made her stronger.

"Don't worry about the bitches - that could be a good motto, because you come across people like that throughout your life," she says.

What a motto! If only we all could live by this quote, it would make many lives a lot easier.

[Photo: Reuters] Jennifer Lawrence [Photo: Reuters] Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence also discusses her acting career and being famous, saying, "I'm one of the most untalented people. Literally, acting is the only thing I can do - and I don't know if I really know how to do that."

Of course many would completely disagree with that sentiment, given all the critics and audience praise Jennifer's acting has gotten in the last couple of years. She even scored an Oscar at 22, so we know that the Academy disagrees that she's untalented.

Now we've all seen how glamorous Jennifer Lawrence has looked on the red carpet in recent months, so it's hard to believe the 'Catching Fire' star knows nothing about clothes, but according to her she's always been anti fashion.

"When I started to become known I would just get given clothes that I didn't really like, but they were free and I didn't have to go shopping so I would spend years just wearing clothes I didn't really like."

Good thinking J.Law. 

"Then recently I bit the bullet and went shopping... and really enjoyed it. I am getting there and now I'm kind of starting to like clothes."

It's safe to say Jen will be wearing designer duds for a long time to come. What with her recent Dior campaign, it's no wonder she's being called a new fashion icon by fans and the public.

Jennifer Lawrence may be new to fame, but the world has fallen in love with her quirky personality that her fans can't get enough of. It's safe to assume Jen will never be bullied by mean girls again.


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