John Oliver Breaks Down Trump's Budget Blueprint And Gives America The Gift Of Zebras

Sunday's episode of HBO's "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" gave Oliver a chance to tee off on President Trump's budget blueprint. And while his deconstruction was as pithy and pointed as ever, Oliver had something even better in store for America.

But first, the budget.

Oliver screened a brief CNN clip with Wolf Blitzer outlining the boosts and cuts in Trump's budget, featuring a scrolling list of scads of departments having their funding slashed, to which the host quipped, "It is sort of fitting that the list of budget cuts scroll by like the end credits for America."

"The Daily Show" alum went on to expound on how many of those who will suffer the most from the president's idealized budget are those who voted to elect him, as well as examining how many of the departments targeted make up a truly infinitesimal portion of federal spending.

Sadly, no video of Oliver's arguments can be embedded thanks to premium cable's free and furious use of explicit language.

Eventually Oliver moved on to more pressing matters, by which we mean dancing zebras.

The host shared with the audience his recent discovery that the country of Bolivia uses people dressed as zebras to encourage pedestrian and traffic safety on dangerous roadways, a delightful tidbit that was about to get even more useful.

In the greatest (and most humane) equid use in HBO history (sorry, "Luck"), Oliver created a 23-minute video in which one of his staffers, dressed in a zebra costume, posed in front of a green screen for enterprising video editors to bring a little joy into the daily news slog. 

To give some idea of how effective green-screen zebras are, "Last Week Tonight" provided several examples, including the inclusion of a zebra at the inauguration of Trump.

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