Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Fearing For Her Life During The Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian might always try to give off the airs of one who is tough and has a thick skin but negative criticisms affects her as much as everyone else and she made this known during an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, just before taking the stage at the annual Forbes Women’s Summit as one of the Keynote speakers.


She talked about her brand, making it to the Forbes 100 list of highest paid celebrities, the mistakes she’s made and how they’ve helped change her, and also the negative comments she receives online.

With over 180 million followers of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined, it is only normal that there will be a few trolls among them dropping hateful comments and Kim acknowledged these people but admitted that it sometimes gets to her.

She said: “Absolutely it affects me… there could be one or two negative comments that really do affect you, and get to you. You know I’m human just like everyone else. Like things do hurt my feelings, but I think that I do have a really thick skin.”

She continued: “They have this keyboard courage that no one will see them and they will just write whatever and hurt your feelings. I know I can handle it, but I just fear for — I do see why young kids and people and teenagers, even get … so hurt and bothered. That is what really bothers me.”

Kim handles the bullies by sometimes turning the hateful comments around and using it to the best of her abilities. For instance, when she was featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine last year and some people tried to be mean, she responded by addressing the criticisms in a tweet. She recalled that incident during the interview.

“We’ve built this brand, and I’m so proud of it. For everyone saying I have no talent, you know, I think I wrote, ‘Not bad for a girl with no talent,'” she said in reference to the tweet she posted last year following criticisms of her Forbes cover.


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