Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Appear Naked In New Video

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If imitation is the sincerest for of flattery, Pia Mia has given pal Kylie Jenner the highest of praise by morphing into her exact look! The pair twinned out in a Snapchat video and it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. Check it out and see if you can tell who is who.

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Kylie Jenner, 19, is able to totally morph into the twin of her older half-sister

Kim Kardashian, 36, and it turns out she’s got someone who wants to look exactly like her. Pal 

Pia Mia, 20, usually rocks dyed blonde locks, but now she has switched things up to match Ky’s raven color to a tee. With identical colors and long styled waves, that already made them look like sisters, but their equally plumped pouts, ample boobs and flawless make up jobs made them look like identical twins! They showed off their matching looks in a Snapchat video on May 23 where Pia played the star of the show, pouting for the camera and adding cheetah filters to make her look animalistic.

The two beauties were out to lunch together, seated on a restaurant patio. Kylie took advantage of the warm LA weather to wear a peach colored cropped tank that showed off her enviable curves, while Pia had a tight grey t-shirt on with her aviator shades tucked into the collar. Of course Kylie couldn’t totally let her pal steal all the thunder so she bent in and lusciously stuck out her tongue for the camera at the end of the video. Sexy!

Kylie is such a chameleon when it comes to hair and makeup that she can look like just about anyone if she puts her mind to it. While in this case it looks like Pia Mia desperately wants to look like the reality star, Ky totally twinned out with Kim for their recent makeup collaboration for Kylie cosmetics where they rocked perfect nude lips. Not only that, they each wore their long hair pin-straight and parted down the middle and with the right camera angle, it was nearly impossible to tell the sisters apart! Now its Pia’s turn to be Kylie’s twin.

HollywoodLifers, can you tell Kylie and Pia Mia apart in this video?

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