Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Look Eerily Identical In New Makeup Campaign

Nothing says “Buy my nude lip kit!” like appearing naked in a new campaign with your half sister.

Kylie Jenner teased her upcoming makeup collaboration with Kim Kardashian on Tuesday, and the two reality stars look eerily identical. No doubt that’s what they’re going for, but it’s almost creepy.

In the video, Jenner, 19, and Kim, 36, face each other with the same hair and makeup, and certainly don’t look like they are 17 years apart. Also, has Kim dethroned Kylie in the big lips department? See for yourself:

Naturally, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars seemingly ditched their tops for the shoot because how else would you expect a Jenner-Kardashian to hawk makeup?! The girls keep reapplying a nude lip kit throughout the video so clearly the nude angle was a logical tie-in.

Meanwhile, in other naked Kardashian news, Kourtney was also feeling herself today. The birthday girl — who turned 38 on Tuesday — decided to post a picture of herself in her birthday suit.


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