Kylie Jenner's Waffle Making Hack Is Sheer Genius

There I am minding my own business when I get an alert that I’ve been added on some Whatsapp group. Whether it is a funeral committee group, a wedding committee, a surprise baby shower or bridal shower (they are the most common), a work group, friends group and other weird groups. The number of whatsapp chat groups are more than the chats I usually have face-to-face.

And I am not the only one.

Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru today went on a rant during the Morning conversation, complaining of how  annoying Kenyan whatsapp groups have become, and the type of people you will never miss in any of these groups…

They hilariously categorized them as-:

1. The Ghost

These ones never say anything, never responds, never involve themselves in the chat. They are basically there for the decoration.

2. The Forwarders

The forwarders especially during the holidays, will send long forwarded messages. This is what they are basically best at, just copy pasting and sending generic long-ass messages. And will rarely contribute to anything at all. Whatever happened to personalized messages?

3. The ones who reply everything with lol

They are the most annoying. This lot, even when there is nothing to smile about they will always reply with lol, hahaha hehehe, kikikiki and whatever forms of laughter in writings that exist.

4. The memes, videos and screenshot senders

These ones make our days! Any funny meme, photo or video they come across will be sent to the group. Their posts tend to be funny, thus will end up getting all the positive response from the group members.

5. Team Emoji

They basically reply everything with an emoji. They are really creative in creating conversation with emoji’s.


The information guys

They will send information about where alcoblow has been spotted, which roads have traffic, which mall has issued a terror alert and all crime related info.

7. The encyclopedia senders

You ask someone how their day was and they respond with a 700 words essay! SMH

8. The preachers

These ones will send motivational messages and quotes and videos by Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Joel Olsteen. They always send the said videos/ motivation messages first thing in the morning and right before everyone retires to sleep. Usually they send multiple messages as if they had saved it to share at a particular time.

9. The loyal ones

They will always say hi and wish everyone a good day. Matter of fact, they will be the only ones to answer when you post a question and everyone goes MIA on you, yet you can see they’re online.

10. The exiters 

They’re added into a group and give an excuse on why they can’t be there or even worse just exit without apology.


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