Kylie Jenner's Waffle Making Hack Is Sheer Genius

Kylier Jenner New York Fashion Week Charles Sykes / AP

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Kylie Jenner recently posted a video tutorial that shows an easy breakfast hack.

  • Jenner shows how to make cinnamon roll waffles.

  • You just place the dough from a canned cinnamon roll in the waffle maker, cook a few minutes, and then drizzle icing on the finished waffle.

If you think all Kylie Jenner has gifted us are lip kits of questionable quality and too many pictures of her derriere, think again: Homegirl is a surprisingly decent cook, and she likes to share her "recipes."

They're a bit basic (we're talking ramen and candied yams), but you didn't turn to her for beef bourguignon, did you?

Most recently, Jenner dropped a gem of a breakfast tutorial that's so easy, you could try it under almost any circumstance: hungover, late to work, you name it.

If you've got a waffle maker and a can of cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury is Jenner's favorite) lying around, have a go at it.

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