Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Kim Kardashian Lip Kit Collection

People have long been speculating that Kylie Jenner is trying to imitate her elder sister Kim Kardashian. When the two recently revealed a video ad of them twinning, it seems like Jenner is trying to confirm that rumor.

However, the ad was actually made this way for a reason, according to E! News. Jenner posted a series of photos and videos on Snapchat revealing her latest lip kit collection for Kylie Cosmetics called KKW.


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There are four créme liquid lipsticks, which will be released on April 25, that are inspired by her sister. “Kimberly,” “Kim,” “Kiki” and “Kimmie” are all in the nude shade variety.

“Love this formula so much and how authentic it is to Kim,” Jenner wrote about the products. “Wouldn’t be a Kim Collab without 4 nudes.”

Hopefully, these shades would appease the fans that have been upset lately about Jenner’s products. Just last February, TMZ reported that several customers filed complaints against Jenner’s products, particularly her eye kits, because they caused chemical-induced headaches.

Around 15 people had filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, stating that Kylie’s Royal Peach eyeshadow palette smelled suspiciously of “chemicals and glue.” The customers even said the smell was similar to “spray paint” or “paint thinner.” One person who purchased the product claimed that the product smelled so foul that she had to put the whole package outside her house. Another customer claimed it gave her a “horrible headache.”

A few weeks later, a new batch of unhappy customers voiced their complaints on social media after they received empty boxes of highlighters, dubbed Kylighters, from Kylie Cosmetics.

Like most of her items, the Kylighters sold out quickly, according to the Revelist. Sadly, fans were shocked when their brand new Kylighters turned out to be empty, and they did not hesitate to express their disappointment on social media. Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner has just released brand new lip products inspired by her elder sister Kim Kardashian. In this photo, Jenner poses at the second annual Diamond Ball fundraising event in Santa Monica, California on Dec. 10, 2015. Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

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Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Kim Kardashian Lip Kit Collection
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