SOUND OFF: Should We Have Played Into Smirking Murderer Jaime Osuna's Ego?

Readers taken in by "fake news" or propaganda are fooled by the allure of validation, and the irresistible reenforcement of tribal thought. Like that little weed that pops up in the rose garden, it is attractive. It is a pretty shade of green, grows quickly and sprouts a multitude of buds with absolutely no attention. The colorful flowers that erupt from the buds can even rival the roses, but they have an unpleasant odor and can mask burrs. The weed deprives the rose of water and nutrients and reproduces so quickly, and with such tenacity that the previously well-tended garden becomes unrecognizable.

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SOUND OFF: Should we have played into smirking murderer Jaime Osuna's ego?
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