Spring Equinox & Chichen Itza

Whether you are Christian, Pagan, Agnostic, or Buddhist...everyone must celebrate the coming of spring in their own special way. You might like to create your own rituals and traditions, which I have done below. Use it if you would like, but you must remember to charge it with your own personality and make it your own.

An Original Ostara Meditative Ritual:

On the day of the spring equinox, stand outside in your backyard or wherever is most private. Breathe in the air and remind yourself why spring is so special and magical. Let old memories of the springtime and Ostara or Easter rise within your mind. Holding the joyful memories of spring in your mind:

Turn and face the direction of the sun. Thank the sun for its grand return to the sky and ask for its blessings upon the land. Thank Mother Nature for her return to the earth, as well. If you have shoes on, remove them and allow the earth's energy to rise up into your feet and gradually up your legs and then through the rest of your body.

Choose the nearest tree and slowly walk over to it, still feeling the earth's energy undulating in waves throughout your body. Hold your hand out to the tree, fingers up and place your palm against the tree, as if saying hello. Let the tree's energy flow into your fingers and palm and then into your arm, slowly meeting and mixing with the energy still rising from your feet. Place your other palm against the tree, also as if greeting the tree's spirit. Let the tree's energy totally fill the top portion of your body, including your mind and heart. At this point, you will feel the earth and tree's energy meeting and combining. If you cannot feel something mundanely, feel it with your mind and spirit. Visualize the energies compiling and filling your body. This is the spirit of Spring and the soul of nature.

To end your spring welcoming ritual, be sure that both of your feet are flat upon the ground and both palms are flat against the same tree. Imagine some of your energy and spirit flowing out from your heart chakra and into the tree. Think of your solar plexus as sending waves of your aura's energy down through your legs, through your feet and delving into the earth. This is to give some of yourself to the earth, as you have taken some of its energy in this rite.

Once more, face the sun (don't stare directly at it), and thank the sun for its warmth and thank the earth for its upcoming gifts to us this spring.

After you have performed this spring ceremony, remember the exchange of energies for the rest of the day. Remember why we love spring and be grateful for all of the fruitfulness of the earth. If we take, we must give something in return.

Source : https://exemplore.com/paganism/The-Pagan-Holiday-Ostara-and-Its-Importance

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