The Case Of The Missing Tom Brady Super Bowl Jersey Has Only Gotten Better

More than two weeks after Super Bowl LI, the jersey worn by quarterback Tom Brady remains missing. Brady has tried to help the cause by posting on Instagram a “suspect board.”

The potential culprits include Prison Mike, Julian Edelman, Lady Gaga, Gollum, the shark from Jaws, and the melty-faced likeness of Tom Brady from that notorious courtroom sketch artist.

It’s another example of the sense of humor Brady flashes from time to time on social media, even as it relates to the very real theft of an item valued by police at $500,000. Make no mistake about it; someone stole the jersey, possibly with the intent of replacing it with a replica.

The universe of potential thieves should be fairly small, and it remains to be seen whether the authorities can crack the case. In the interim, the person who took it still can try to find a way to return it and, in turn, to avoid becoming Da Belle of Da Ball.

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