The Two Hillarys: Clinton Pictured At Dinner With Her SNL Doppelganger Kate McKinnon

Donald Trump may think Alec Baldwin's SNL impersonation is 'unfunny', but Hillary Clinton clearly has no such problem with her own double, Kate McKinnon

Enough, in fact, to have been spotted having a cozy dinner with McKinnon and a third party, likely SNL's head writer Sarah Schneider. 

Before seeing Glenn Close in 'Sunset Boulevard' on Wednesday evening, the defeated presidential candidate had dinner with Kate McKinnon at Orso restaurant, where a source told Page Six that 'lots of laughter emanated from their table'. 

The source also said that a rowdy restaurant-goer began the chant 'Lock him up!' as a riff on Trump's anti-Clinton cheer. 

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The Two Hillarys: Clinton was spotted on Wednesday evening having dinner with Kate McKinnon and a third party who is likely SNL's head writer Sarah Schneider at New York City's Orso restaurant 

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The two Hillarys: Clinton pictured at dinner with her SNL doppelganger Kate McKinnon as a fellow diner starts anti-Trump 'lock him up' chant
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