This 13 Year Old Girl Turned Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech Into Powerful Song

Hillary Clinton may not have won the presidency, but that doesn’t mean her influence on young girls and women everywhere has stopped. One girl was so inspired by Clinton that she made a song based on Clinton’s concession speech.

13-year-old Isolde Fair recorded her song based on Clinton’s speech–along with her classmates from Sol La Music Academy in Santa Monica. Isolde sang Clinton’s words to a background of piano and strings, and uploaded the song to YouTube, writing in the blurb:

“The message is that all girls (and women) should never doubt that they are valuable and powerful and can have their dreams come true.”

Better yet, Clinton herself saw the video, and loved it so much that she posted about it on Twitter, calling the song “inspiring.”

Thanks to Isolde Fair & her classmates for this inspiring song. I’m with YOU. 👏👏👏✨


— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February 15, 2017

Love it. Even if you don’t especially love or support Hillary Clinton, Isolde’s song is inspiring–and proves that young girls do need women role models in their lives, not only to aspire to, but to really believe that women are capable of anything. Listen to the full song below:

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This 13-Year-Old Girl Turned Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech Into Powerful Song
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