Trump Dings Clinton For Not Having ‘A Presidential Look’

Hillary Clinton just doesn’t have the “look” necessary to be president, Donald Trump said in an interview on Tuesday.

ABC News’ David Muir asked Trump what he meant by questioning the first female major party nominee’s “stamina” and saying she doesn’t look presidential.

“I just don’t think she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look,” Trump replied. “You have to get the job done. I think if she went to Mexico she would have had a total failure. We had a big success.”

Muir pressed Trump on whether he was “talking about aesthetics.”

“I’m talking about in general,” Trump said, before remarking that Clinton has said “horrible” things about him during the campaign.

Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer defended Trump in an interview on CNN, saying he agrees that Clinton “doesn’t look and appear as someone who’s going to be president.”

Asked by host Kate Bolduan whether Trump commented on Clinton’s “look” because she’s a woman, Spicer fired back, “Oh my god, give me a break.”

“She can lob a million insults at Donald Trump and no one asks a question,” Spicer said. “She doesn’t appear to be presidential because of the actions she’s undertaken.”

A new CNN/ORC poll out Monday shows Trump polling at a 15-point deficit to Clinton’s support among women.

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