Watch: John Oliver Explains How Cuts In President Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Impact People

On “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver turned his two-week focus on health care to President Trump’s proposed budget.

After comparing White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon to a guy waking up on a park bench after losing custody of his children and senior adviser Stephen Miller as the least popular kid in vampire school, Oliver breaks down what percentage of the federal budget consists of the programs targeted for cuts or elimination by Trump. Spoiler: the cuts Oliver highlights make up a minuscule portion of the federal budget.

Oliver gave viewers a video of a person dancing in a zebra costume, which plays off of a segment earlier in the show, to joyfully ruminate on because talking about a budget that increases military spending and cuts after school programs, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the arts is depressing.



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Watch: John Oliver explains how cuts in President Trump’s proposed budget would impact people
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