We Spent 5 Days With Victoria’s Secret Angels, And Their Lives Are Exactly As You’d Imagine

We climb the steps—models first—to board the plane, where the first half of seating is for the models. The rest of us have to walk through 54 VS stars getting settled into their seats. It’s seriously surreal. There’s Adriana, Elsa, Maria, Jasmine. I walk between Kendall and Bella, who are next to each other on opposite sides of the aisle. Attendants are passing out mimosas. (Kendall passes on the drink. Too busy looking at her phone. Also, it’s, like, 9:00 A.M.) On every seat there’s a supersoft travel blanket emblazoned with “Victoria’s Secret” as well as a silver tasseled cross-body VS bag with some goodies inside: an international outlet adapter that comes in its own adorable little case (so practical, so chic!), some VS lip glosses, and a Max Factor Epic Lash mascara, which, I’m told by the beauty editor from Allure I’m seated next to, is kind of a big deal because you can’t get it in the States. Everyone sits for takeoff. Then we eat; there are egg-white omelets, steel-cut Irish oatmeal, whole-wheat blueberry pancakes. Everyone’s pretty quiet. Quietly freaking out inside, maybe? I am. This is going to be good.

Source : http://www.glamour.com/story/victorias-secret-fashion-show-2016-behind-the-scenes

We Spent 5 Days With Victoria’s Secret Angels, and Their Lives Are Exactly As You’d Imagine
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