Whoops! The Most Awkward Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Of 2013

World, take note.

Make sure you've got everything properly pinned/tucked/buttoned/fastened before you leave the comfort of your home, because we wouldn't want this to happen to you.

Whether it's a nip-slip, VPL, a cheeky flash of side-boob, or (and we don't really know how people manage it, but they do) a completely see-through outfit, even the most brazen, bold, Miley-esque celebs can be left blushing if they're unfortunate enough to suffer any of the above.

So when a star goes and flashes, say their entire lady garden to the nation (Iggy Azalea, we're looking at you), we dread to think how they feel.


All the way back in January 2013, poor actress Jennifer Lawrence nearly flashed her bum at the Screen Actors Guild Awards when a crucial part of her navy Christian Dior floor length gown started making its way away from her bottom and down to her feet.

Then there was Strictly Star Susannah Reid who accidentally showed off her knickers on live TV.

One minute the BBC presenter was reading the headlines from the papers, the next her knickers were on show to the entire nation - and it wasn't for the first time.

Source : http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/celebrity-wardrobe-malfunctions-2013-boobs-2977171

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