You Can Now Download Donald Trump's Voice For Your GPS

President Donald Trump is everywhere in the news these days.

Now, you can bring the 45th president into your car, too.

As Mashable reported, the navigation company Karta GPA recently added the voice of a Donald Trump impersonator to its software. It can be implemented into both Android and iOS versions of the app.

Oh, and just for balance, the app also has a new Bill Clinton option, too.

“It is not just the voices that are clever imitations; even the directions spoken by the two voices have distinct elements that reflect the personalities of the two leaders, including words and phrases they used often (including references to Trump and his fake news obsession),” according to The International Business Times.

Hear the voices in the video below.

The app uses curated data from both FourSquare and Yelp to help people find popular spots to visit during their drives.

The company said both of these voices will present entertainment for drivers.

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“When navigating with GPS you often have to hear some monotone voice explain when to take the next right or roundabout,” the statement said, according to the International Business Times. “Karta GPS’s most recent feature will make that boredom a thing of the past. With its new navigation voice options; current President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton will give you ample hours of entertainment and direction. Donald gives it to you straight, never letting you settle for anything less than the top ten eateries, while Bill will weave the tale of your journey with that old southern drawl.”

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