180m Series 290msawersventurebeat

180m Series 290msawersventurebeat

180m Series 290msawersventurebeat: In order to find out what types of security risks your company faces in the Internet and software world, you can contribute to the Security Scorecard, which provides comprehensive and transparent information on email and website hacking rates. The company has been assessing companies’ digital risks since 2007 with a database of more than 1 billion records. Data for its assessment is derived from sources such as public filings with the SEC and insurance claims from companies such as Allstate and Chubb. Series E funding brings the business’s total funding since 2007 to more than $290 million.

SecurityScorecard generates an increasing number of customers. Located in Washington, DC, the company’s headquarters employs security professionals as well as CIOs, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, and Compliance Officers.

The most significant barrier to security is a lack of measurement, says John Kindervag, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

As SecurityScorecard grows in the years ahead, Kindervag believes its biggest challenge will be managing growth. In addition to cultivating the company, he says, “you must cultivate the four legs of the chair-data, engineering, product, sales, and marketing.” Exclusive companies have the ability to find these resources within themselves. When you make a lot of money from new investors, it presents different challenges.”

We generate the safety rating based on our own methodology. Customers can access company data via the company’s website and subscription-based messages. “We can tell you how your website ranks against other websites and how legitimate your email communications are.”

It was founded in 2007 by David Callisch and Peter Tran, who remains its CEO and COO. The team created SecurityScorecard after recognizing the need to provide companies with a comprehensive metric of their security strengths and weaknesses. “We are able to provide customers with data to help them make smarter cybersecurity decisions-not just one metric, but the entire picture of their security posture,” says Callisch.

It has established itself as a trusted advisor for companies serious about improving their security since its inception.

Every year, the company analyzes more than 400 million data records across nine dimensions of digital risk. Domains, internal email addresses, and websites are included. Additionally, SecurityScorecard scores SSL certificates from over 100 providers. In addition to the data it collects on an ongoing basis, the company obtains data from several sources, including public sources, such as SEC filings.

It is nine years old, but SecurityScorecard has only recently started expanding its business.

With a mandate to help SecurityScorecard grow its business and accelerate its pace of innovation, Moyer joined the company in May 2016.

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