Best Way to Wash And Dry a Tracksuit

trapstar tracksuit

Are you looking to tackle the tricky task of washing and drying a tracksuit? It can often be more complicated than just throwing it in the machine! What’s more, if washed and dried inappropriately your tracksuit may become fragile, fade or even lose its shape. To make sure you care properly we’re here today with top tips on how to clean and dry any type of tracksuit—so that your prized possession stays in perfect condition! Read on to learn the right way to keep your favorite piece looking fresh.

Pre-treat any stains 

Getting the most out of your trapstar tracksuit means taking the necessary steps to keep it in pristine condition. Pre-treating any stains before washing is essential for removing tough, set-in areas. Choose from a gentle stain remover or a diluted detergent and apply directly on the affected area with a damp cloth or sponge. Remember, pre-treating can prevent discolored patches after being washed!

Choose the right temperature 

When it comes to taking care of clothes, the temperature setting on your washing machine plays an important role. Knowing what temperature to use is essential for ensuring that your fabric keeps its quality and shine – especially when it comes to the trapstar tracksuit. While warm water can be used on tougher fabrics, cold water is typically the safest option as it is less likely to cause shrinking or fading. Opting for a cold water setting also helps reduce energy costs!

Use a delicate cycle 

Taking care of trapstar tracksuits is easy! Remember to always use a delicate cycle when washing them on a washing machine, as the material in trapstar clothing can be much more delicate than other fabrics. Furthermore, make sure not to overload your washing machine, as this may cause damage to the delicate trapstar fabric. With proper care and attention, trapstar tracksuits will look great for a long time!

Use a mild detergent 

A grey Trapstar tracksuit is a great investment, but it’s important to take the proper steps when washing clothes. To ensure that your grey trapstar tracksuit stays looking its best for many years, make sure to use a mild detergent when washing. This will help prevent fabric fading and minimize damage to the fabric. Additionally, you should opt for gentle cycles and cool temperatures whenever possible. Taking these measures can preserve the color and protect the integrity of the fabric in your grey Trapstar tracksuit.

Dry in natural sunlight 

If you want to save energy, one simple but effective way is to hang your grey Trapstar tracksuit outside to dry in natural sunlight instead of relying on a tumble dryer. Not only will this help our planet by reducing the amount of electricity we use, but it will also extend the lifespan of your garment by keeping it away from the high heat and tumbling of electric drying machines. Allowing your grey Trapstar tracksuit to air dry for a few hours (even overnight if possible) will result in Suitable clothing and help keep it looking better for longer too!

Give a good shake before folding 

When dealing with grey Trapstar tracksuits, be sure to take a few extra steps when laundering. After washing and drying the grey Trapstar tracksuit, giving it a good shake can help remove any residual excess water from the garment. The shake does not have to be vigorous; just a quick and gentle shake should be enough for the fabric. Additionally, shaking the tracksuit will help smooth out any wrinkles and make folding it much easier. Afterward, your grey Trapstar tracksuit will be crisp and ready to wear!

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