How to Wear Sequins for Daytime: Easy Outfit Styling Tips

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If you’re like most people, you probably think of sequins as a party garment reserved for special occasions. But did you know that with a few styling tweaks, sequins can be worn during the day? Here are 6 easy tips to help you wear sequins during the day.


Start with a neutral canvas – Black, white, or Denim 

Starting with a low-key canvas is key when styling any look. Neutrals such as black, white, and denim can offer the perfect base for dressier items like chrome hearts zip up hoodie for those striving for a clean, high-end vibe. With solid basics as your backdrop, you can rock any bold accessory or statement piece of your choosing without having to worry about clashing colors or competing prints. The secret to staying effortless while looking gorgeous is all in starting out with the right neutral color palette!


Add one statement piece – a sequin top, dress, or skirt

If you’re looking for an effortless way to glitz up your wardrobe, chrome hearts clothing has you covered! From sequins to glamorous fabrics, chrome hearts clothing offers a range of statement pieces that are sure to make heads turn. Whether it be a dramatic sequin top or embellished skirt, chrome hearts clothing provides sophisticated apparel that is Suitable and unique. Make a statement at the next event with chrome hearts clothing’s array of dazzling garments.


Balance the sparkle with matte fabrics and textures 

If you want to add some chrome hearts clothing to your wardrobe, balance the sparkle with a variety of matte fabrics and textures like cotton, linen, and leather. These more muted pieces are ideal for creating an effortless juxtaposition between statement pieces and more classic items that can be worn year-round. This type of balance will give your overall look texture and contrast while still providing plenty of chrome hearts clothing that’s sure to jump out in a crowd. With this combination, you can always be sure to make an unforgettable outfit wherever you go!


Keep the rest of your accessories simple and understated

If you want to make a statement with chrome hearts clothing, be sure to keep the rest of your accessories simple and understated. When paired together, chrome hearts clothing can be breathtakingly beautiful but too much accessorizing will detract from its unique mix of fashion and edge. Choose complementary pieces that will add depth without overshadowing the chrome hearts apparel. While pops of color are encouraged, avoid pieces that are overly flamboyant or too busy for the outfit. Rest assured that chrome hearts clothing stands out on its own; it’s all about finding balance between chrome hearts apparel and the other pieces in your wardrobe.


Don’t be afraid to mix different colors and patterns

Chrome Hearts clothing is at the vanguard of fashion, a trendsetter for others to follow when it comes to both colors and patterns. While some spaces are traditional and naturally limit versatility, Chrome Hearts encourages you to take advantage of the full rainbow of colors life can offer. Mix both bright and muted tones, or even clash primary and secondary colors. The same applies to patterns, too; don’t be afraid to mix small scales with large, or a mix of geometric shapes with organic forms. As long as there’s an element that ties the whole outfit together – like chrome hearts glasses or chrome hearts rings – you can combine different colors and prints into no fail looks.

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