Library Management System: Purpose and Contribution

Library management system

Every student’s worst nightmare is a lot of study to do or projects to do and a lack of proper study material which makes them completely confused regarding what to do in order to complete the whole project or learning session. In the traditional learning system, students were completely dependent on tutors or mentors. The literature given by them verbally or in a scarce manner which students used to share with each other one by one was the only way students used to complete their homework or study work. But as the education system got renovated with time libraries got into existence where students get all the media, books, articles, literature, research papers, and details about a lot of projects in a compiled manner. Libraries have always helped students in their studies in various methods. library management system is basically a software that has made a traditional library system, modern and digitized, which used to be managed manually. This tool or software has changed the methods of library management completely by managing the whole process of outgoing and incoming books, sorting books and literature on shelves in a systematic manner, tracking books and catalogs, etc. The library management system has improved the performance ability of librarians due to which they are able to manage day-to-day tasks related to the library. The most beneficial thing is not only librarians but students also have access to it due to which learners can improve their learning and reading skills. Library management system assists librarians to keep clear and quick access to records of books issued and returned back along with other necessary documents. 

Basically, the library management software has performed few very essential things in the sector of library management like cataloging, keeping data of members, maintaining access to learners online and also maintaining data of new and old books and literature in the library. Library management software runs over two basic tools – (a) – RFID system (b) – Barcode System. The RFID system stops the thefts of documents and books from the library and the bar code system issues particular bar codes to each and every book to ensure its particular identity doesn’t matter; books can be copies of the same writer and same publication. It keeps complete data of the books, articles, research papers etc. like name of the student, time when issued to the student and also for what time interval issued and whether returned in time or not. Main purpose of the library management system is to make all the functions of the library smooth, easy and protected for not only librarians but also for the students. Hence, stock of books, magazines, research papers and data management become very easy. It provides an easy portal for the students and learners to search the data and information in an accurate manner that too from vivid sources. It provides support to the students in a multilingual and multi user manner. It makes its own barcodes to ensure the safety of the products or books it contains. 

Main difference which it creates as compared to the traditional library system is that it reduces chances of manual errors usually often committed by humans in charge. It has an automated check-in and check-out system regarding issue and submission of books taken by the students. It reduces the chances of theft and ensures the safety of products in the library. Automated shelf-system arranges the books and other products in the library in a systematic manner which enables learners to search their desired study material in a jiffy. It calculates, sends information and fulfills the need of stock timely due to which students and learners don’t have to suffer due to scarce amounts of books or any other desired learning material. A very interesting feature of the library management system is that it maintains and manages a huge amount of database of information regarding study material that too without any error along with complete accuracy. All of the above functions in a traditional library used to bear a heavy cost but the library management system has reduced this cost to a maximum extent. Its contribution to online education is also very effective and students have taken a sigh of relief after receiving this software in their education system.

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