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The business community seems more than happy with a framework for Freedom Budget in Florida

Critics have got a lot to say about the work and reforms of Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. But there are a good number of people who are quite happy with the work of the DeSantis administration.

Here we have got the words of Kyle S. Holley, Community Development Liaison for Santa Rosa County, who was talking very happy about the new reforms. He was interviewed and asked about the latest situation in Florida, and here is what he had to say about it. 

“After reviewing the State’s budget; I have never been more excited to be a native of rural (Northwest) Florida.  This governor, with the support of the legislature, has heard the needs of rural Florida and is fortifying rural broadband investment, rural healthcare, agriculture education, and promotion, along with continued support of Florida’s environmental landscape,”. 

“Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for hearing the needs of rural Florida.  “

We see a large community of businessmen who seem pretty happy with the framework for Freedom Budget and DeSantis seems to have got a lot of voters from this area. 


When we talked to Carol Dover, President & CEO of Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, he too was overwhelmed by the response of the governor and his administration on the matter. This is what he had to say about it. 

“The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) applauds Governor DeSantis for signing the Framework for Freedom Budget, which includes important investments to keep Florida the number one destination for our visitors and rebuild following Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.”

“His steadfast support to promote tourism and special events across Florida has historically resulted in more than $375 million in direct economic impact for Florida. We are grateful for his commitment to keeping Florida’s economy strong through our number one industry – tourism and hospitality.”

These are the remarks that were very uplifting for the well-being of the people of Florida and for all those who want to get the benefit of this new framework for Freedom Budget here in Florida.

You will see that all the Ron DeSantis News is full of the response on the framework for Freedom Budget. Some are happy some are angry and some are neutral to respond to the policies of Ron DeSantis and his administration. 






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