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The importance of wedding ring in women’s life

A fairy tale wedding is the dream of many women since their childhood. From the rituals to the dress and most importantly, the wedding ring- means a lot to every woman. Every aspect of the wedding symbolises the future. Among these, the wedding ring has to most significant value in the woman’s life. Leaving aside the monetary value of the ring, one must acknowledge its sentimental and emotional value too. For women in particular, these reasons hold a lot of significance. Read on to find out how a wedding ring plays a significant role and holds importance in a woman’s life.


The wedding ring is a symbol of commitment for both men and women. It is the declaration of the relationship without speaking aloud. When you have your wedding ring on the designated finger, you need to explain your marital status- the ring does it for you. For many women, this is a relief as they do not have to speak about their personal life and yet let suitors know she is committed.


Loyalty is the key to a happy marriage. We do not need to declare it for the partner- in marriage, it is given that partners will be loyal. The wedding and engagement rings are the symbol of this understanding between couples. Women’s diamond wedding rings are considered the most significant motif of loyalty. It is worn throughout a lifetime. By doing so, the spouse declares their unwavering loyalty to each other.


In a healthy relationship, there will be some amount of attachment between the spouses. When you are attached to your partner, carrying a symbol of the relationship seems very normal. The wedding ring is such a symbol of attachment to the spouse. A woman would happily wear it all her life and flaunt it when they are truly attached to their partner. Women also expect the same from their husbands when they are truly attached to them.


Wearing the wedding ring forever is a tradition for both men and women. However, women are more serious about this aspect and uphold this tradition very seriously. This tradition is universal and prevalent in every culture. In most cases, it is not something imposed either and most women lovingly want to follow the tradition.


One of the most important factors associated with the wedding ring for any woman is love. It is a symbol of the husband’s love that he gifted her on a special day. Women treasure the wedding ring with all their hearts because it is so precious to them. It is the symbol of the husband’s love, respect and commitment and hence she makes sure it is never lost.


The wedding ring also signifies the respect shown by the man to her by acknowledging their love before the world. This is why women are very protective of their wedding ring and makes sure they always have the ring on, no matter what.

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