Escaping the Intriguing Realm of Trace: A Cool Math Games Adventure

trace cool math games hints

Embarking on the captivating adventure of Trace Cool Math Games Hints, you find yourself immersed in a surreal science-fiction universe. Your primary objective: break free from its enchanting hold. However, this realm presents an array of perplexing puzzles that demand your sharp intellect. Only by mastering these intricacies do you stand a chance of liberating yourself from this captivating captivity.

Bathroom Escape: A Puzzle Adventure

Your first challenge is to unlock the bathroom door, granting access to the rest of the house. Begin by examining a small panel near the floor with colored arrows. Arrange them to form a star shape, unlocking the panel. Inside the cabinet, discover a half pair of scissors.

Combine this half pair with the other in the bathroom sink to fashion a complete pair. Use this to cut the string holding the key near the mirror. This key unlocks a lockbox on the shelf, revealing a mysterious note that hints at a hidden tile near the bathroom mirror.

Uncover a picture of a fish behind this tile, observing the dots and lines within. These hold crucial clues. Return to the arrows panel and match them with the dots and lines.

Inspect the picture frame on the floor beneath the mirror. Discover a hidden safe, the combination being: 5, 4, 7, 2. Insert a lightbulb into the nearby pumpkin, providing the solution to the arrow riddle.

With the puzzle solved, the cabinet under the sink yields the key to the bathroom door. Insert it into the door panel and skillfully position the blocks to align with the green lock.

Escaping The House: Gathering Initial Items

To leave the house for the attractive tower nearby, collect several hidden items:

  1. A battery concealed under the couch cushion.
  2. Another battery tucked away near the couch and potted plant.
  3. A mysterious star found both in a painting and beneath the couch.
  4. A delightful toy horse stashed in the top desk drawer.

Puzzles Unraveled: Escaping The House

With initial items collected, let’s tackle the captivating puzzles:

  1. Complete The Metal Plate:
    • Arrange planets in a cabinet beneath the bay window to match those outside. Press the red button to obtain a crucial Metal Plate.
    • Bend the toy horse’s neck near the bathroom window so its eye aligns with a diamond shape, releasing the second half of the Metal Plate.
    • Repeat this puzzle on the porch from the opposite side.
  2. Retrieve the Green Key and Box Cutter:
    • Sequence of buttons: Fishtank, fan, computer, planet puzzle, hidden button, and end table button, to open the gray chest.
    • Align symbols on the Metal Plate with levers to unveil a red button.
  3. Obtain a further 5 stars:
    • Use the Green Key to open the porch. Rearrange blocks: spherical potted plant, tall potted plant, short potted plant, and painting.
    • Collect stars from various locations.
  4. Unlock The Front Door:
    • Input code on front door panel and place stars in colored areas. Press the red button.
  5. Obtain the Brass Key:
    • Use the Box Cutter under the end table to lift the carpet. Insert Batteries into the light fixture to reveal the solution to the floor puzzle, gaining the Submarine and Puzzle Piece.
    • Solve the puzzle on the porch table, then use the Box Cutter on the couch to retrieve the Brass Key.

The Last Leg Of The Journey: Escaping The Planet

You’re now in the final stage of your escape quest. Enter the tower and solve puzzles to unlock the path forward.

  1. Wizard’s Hat Shadow:
    • Unlock umbrella with the new key to cast a wizard’s hat shadow on a chair. Capture a screenshot for reference.
  2. Ceiling Lights and Action Figures:
    • Follow the screenshot to click the lights in order. Place four action figures on the pedestal.
  3. PC Tower App and Safe:
    • Use the screwdriver to unlock the panel under the fishtank shelf. Enter the password to open the PC Tower app and play MatheMagic for sigils to open the desk safe.
  4. Flight Plans and Planet Matching:
    • Match book’s flight plans and launch date to the planets. Enter the pyramid’s black spots’ color changes to complete the puzzle.

Return to the bathroom with the Pyramid Key, remove the toilet locks with the Brass Key, lift the lid, and embrace your newfound freedom!

In this detailed Trace Cool Math Games adventure, the fascinating artwork and mind-boggling puzzles create an experience that’s both captivating and challenging. Happy puzzling!

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