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In the world of comics and satirical publications, Crazy Magazine stood out as a wild and zany counterpart to the more mainstream Mad Magazine. A defining feature of Crazy was its editorial diversity, with various editors leaving their unique mark on the magazine. One such editor was Steve Gerber, who helmed Crazy from issues #11 to #14. During his tenure, Gerber introduced a distinct feature known as “Last Mage Standing Crazy Games,” which offered readers a one-of-a-kind experience, taking them on a surreal journey into the minds of creators who, in his words, were “themselves insane.” In this article, we will delve into the world of “Last Mage Standing Crazy Games” and explore its eccentric and imaginative tales.

The Vision Behind Crazy Magazine

Crazy Magazine, under the stewardship of Steve Gerber, aimed to set itself apart from the archetypal Mad Magazine. While both publications thrived on humor and satire, Crazy sought to take things a step further by presenting work that would imply the creators’ insanity. Gerber’s editorial approach was marked by a desire to push boundaries and embrace the unconventional. This vision led to the creation of “Last Mage Standing Crazy Games.”

“Last Mage Standing Crazy Games”: A Peek into the Madness

“Last Mage Standing Crazy Games” was a series within Crazy Magazine that showcased a unique blend of storytelling. Instead of following the traditional comic format, Gerber and his team opted for prose stories adorned with a handful of illustrations. These stories delved into bizarre biographies, taking readers on a whirlwind tour of the absurd and the unconventional. With Gerber at the helm, the creators left no stone unturned, exploring the outer fringes of humor and imagination.

Exploring the Bizarre Biographies

The stories in “Last Mage Standing Crazy Games” were unlike anything readers had encountered before. They were eccentric and surreal, often defying the conventions of traditional storytelling. These tales invited readers to question reality and embrace the absurdity of the narratives. While some were lighthearted and whimsical, others ventured into the darker corners of humor, challenging societal norms and expectations.

The “Last Mage Standing Crazy Games” series allowed the creators to unleash their creativity without restraint. They were not confined to the limitations of the comic format, which enabled them to craft intricate and detailed narratives. Each biography was a unique piece of art, with its own distinct style and flavor. It was as if the creators had free rein to explore the vast expanse of their imaginations.

And the Birds Hummed Dirges!” – A Darkly Comic Tale

The last issue of Steve Gerber’s run as editor of Crazy Magazine included a particularly intriguing contribution from him. Titled “…And the Birds Hummed Dirges!” this darkly comic short story was originally penned during his college years. The narrative revolved around a group of high-school kids who make a suicide pact. While the subject matter might seem dark and unsettling, Gerber infused it with his signature blend of satire and dark humor.

The story, with its unsettling premise, challenged the boundaries of what could be considered humorous. It was a testament to Gerber’s willingness to push the envelope and explore the darkest corners of satire. Despite the heavy subject matter, the story managed to elicit laughter through its clever wordplay and subversive commentary on the human condition.

The Legacy of “Last Mage Standing Crazy Games”

The legacy of “Last Mage Standing Crazy Games” endures as a testament to Steve Gerber’s editorial vision and the unique spirit of Crazy Magazine. It showcased the magazine’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of satire and embracing the unconventional. The series allowed creators to explore uncharted territory in the world of humor, challenging preconceived notions and societal norms.

While Crazy Magazine may have left the comic scene, its impact and influence continue to resonate with those who cherish the irreverent and the bizarre. The “Last Mage Standing Crazy Games” series remains a symbol of the magazine’s willingness to tread uncharted waters and inspire a new generation of creators to embrace the madness within.


“Last Mage Standing Crazy Games” was a groundbreaking series that set Crazy Magazine apart as a beacon of satirical excellence. Steve Gerber’s editorial vision, combined with the eccentric tales of bizarre biographies, created a unique reading experience that defied convention and challenged the boundaries of humor. Even in the darkest corners of satire, as seen in “…And the Birds Hummed Dirges!” the creators managed to find humor, reminding us that sometimes, the most unconventional stories can elicit the heartiest laughter. The legacy of Crazy Magazine lives on, serving as a reminder that true creativity often dwells on the edges of sanity.

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